Pentofrost E equivalent

Mar 2, 2004
Simple question: Does there exist a Pentofrost "E" equivalent?

Pentofrost E is a low silicate HOAT (similar to G05), but advertises itself as an environmentally conscious coolant with glycerin in addition to a glycol base.

When I switched this vehicle over to PF E (complete flush), the coolant was very easy to buy, lots of vendors sold it in concentrate gallons. Fast forward a couple years, I need some top up, but the only thing I'm finding now is overpriced liters, almost impossible to find the concentrate gallons, and if I did, it would cost a fortune.

That leaves me wondering if there's a compatible coolant I could use. I know G05 sounds chemically compatible (low silicate, phosphate free HOAT), but I'm not quite sure how the glycerin reacts compatibility-wise to a standard coolant.

Can anyone help? I'm not interested in discussing the merits of switching to PF E, just need to know if there's an alternative I can add to it. Pentofrost E used to be Pentofrost ++, before they made it more environmentally friendly, if that helps any.
Jan 18, 2020
United States
pentofrost E is an analog to VW G13 aka Glysantin G40 aka Zerex G40. by design it’s made to be compatible with early HOAT coolants like G05 and G48 but otherwise it’s worlds apart. you can also add first gen OATs like dexcool and G30 or any universal no problem.
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