Pennzoil Ultra Platinum- HTHS

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May 9, 2005
It's not on the datasheet. Pennzoil came back with the following. Seems pretty low compared to the previous Ultra numbers, which are in ( ). If these are actually the new numbers I can see why they're not published. I've got PUP in there now. 0W-20: 2.6 5W-20: 2.6 (2.7) 5W-30: 2.9 (3.1) 10W-30: 2.9 (3.3)
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They seem more like industry mandated minimums rather than actual.
To add to Quattro Pete's post, Castrol does or has done this with their GC/BC 0w30 European formula. They list HTHS 2.9 on their spec sheet, but we all know on here that A3/B4 requires HTHS of at least 3.5
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well that sucks? PP/PU was on my short list of oils to consider... Hmm.
Not knowing the HTHS of PUP is part of the reason I stocked up on PU 5w30. At least I knew what I was getting. Once I run out of PU 5w30, I'll probably use PUP 10w30. Or maybe SOPUS will come to their senses in the meantime. I have a stash good for at least two years.
A_H don't you have an oil pressure gauge in the Z28? If you do, since OP correlates with HTHSV you'll know if the HTHSV of PUP is any different than the 3.1cP of the old PU. Keep in mind, even if the HTHSV of PUP was provided at 3.1cP, since it is given to only one decimal place that's +/- 0.049cP, so they could still be as much as 0.01cP difference between oils with the same published HTHSV spec' and that doesn't include the other factors that can affect HTHSV. Bottom line, it's handy when the HTHSV of an oil is provided but even when it is it's best to just consider it a ballpark figure.
Yes, my Z28 has an oil pressure gauge, but I haven't run PUP in it yet. I ran PU in it last winter, then switched to GC for the summer. (Partly because it was on my list of oils to try, but also because I got a deal on it.) I noticed a step change of ~10PSI when I switched to GC in warmed-up oil pressure at idle. I've been thinking all along that PUP 5w30 probably has ~3.1 HTHS, which is basically the same as PU. Previously PU 10w30 was 3.3, so just about 6% higher.
I was considering PUP with all the hype, but will either stick with Mobil 1 or Amsoil Signature Series 0W30 after seeing the data. Looks like Pennzoil may have went the cheaper route over their Ultra oil.
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