Peak ATF - Any Good?

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Feb 19, 2013
Phoenix, AZ
Since Dollar General is running a a buy one get one free at $3.60 for Peak transmission fluid, I was wondering if this stuff is any good? I've only used MaxLife ATF.

This would be used on some drain and refills for:

1996 Jeep Cherokee - 135k miles
1991 Jeep Cherokee - 213k miles
2002 Chevy Trailblazer - 102k miles

I assume I'd get the Dexron III stuff.

Peak full synth atf is great... as good as maxlife.
I wouldn't use conventional if it were free.
Stick with maxlife.
For the 1991 i would go for it. IIRC it came with DEX 2 so the Peak would be fine. The 1996 specs for Dex III so I imagine it would be fine as well. The trailblazer I would stick with Maxlife or go to Dexron VI.

But I would stick with Valvoline Maxlife, if you needed some cheap quarts to add extra later that would work great for that too.
I believe the Jeeps call for DEX III and I read on some Jeep forums they recommend not to use the DEX VI but what do they know? Would DEX VI be ok to use in the Jeeps?

Also the Trailblazer came with DEX III in it from the factory which I assume it still has which I would replace with DEX VI.
The Dex VI would be perfectly fine for the Trailblazer. The Jeeps I'm not sure if DEX VI would be good to use or not.
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