Paint Protection Film (PPF)


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Dec 18, 2019
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Well did you talk to the shop?
Yep, we chatted for about 10min and I pointed out exactly why I was disappointed with the end result and why I didn't feel comfortable having him try it a second time. He was embarrassed about the work and really wanted me to give him another chance but I held my ground and said what would make me a happy customer is to just remove the film and leave me satisfied with the tint job they did. He said I'd have to come back next Tues as it takes some time to remove, and they're fully booked with work this week, so I agreed. He asked me to consider giving him another chance and I said it's unlikely but will be there next Tues morning. I get the feeling he's having me live with it for a week in the hope that I'll change my mind but that's not a good tactic. I'll just be that much more eager to get this stuff off my ride. Possibly related or unrelated... I didn't show him yet as I have no way to prove it was him or the dealer but last night I noticed there was a tiny razor blade piece laying flat in one of the tracks of the driver's side running board. A quick scan revealed a couple VERY small marks in the paint that could be from this blade, one up near the top of the driver's side fender and the other down best the driver's side fog light, on the bumper. I asked casually as we spoke if they cut the film at all with a blade or knife to fit/adjust after the printer cut the patterns and he insisted he does not. Just another fun filled nugget in this whole ordeal.
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May 28, 2020
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That is a hack job by someone that has been in business a long time, but obviously does not do a bunch of ppf installs. PPF is an art, and the hardest thing to do correctly- window tinting and wrapping are a piece of cake compared to installing PPF. You will pay for a good install, but it will be worth it. I have DIY'd some ppf and could do a better job than that, and there are many areas I cannot master, you cant shrink it like you can with wrap and tint. You have to see an actual customers car and you can see how good it can actually look. Those edges should have been wrapped, and they just trimmed them.