Outdoor hose bib stuck

Feb 16, 2005
Scituate MA
My outdoor hose is 'crusted' on to the spigot. I tried some pb blaster and tried to heat it with a torch to loosen it up. I could probably giver'
and muscle it off but I don't want to rip it out of the wall or out of its socket inside. I left it on last year because I couldn't get it off then fired it
up this past spring, no leaks and away we go...but now would like to remove it.

Any thoughts?
Put one or two drops of vinegar on the crust. If it bubbles up it's probably lime. If it is vinegar or a small amount of CLR may free it. This may work or it may not.
Aluminum hose ends don’t play nice with brass hose bibs. Cut the hose off at the fitting. Try a pipe wrench on the hose bib for bracing and get some channel locks on the hose end. Try a little PB blaster before going at it. If this fails, I would try cutting the hose end with a hacksaw. Cut it inline with the bib so you can get a chisel in the cut. The aluminum should break or pry off after that.
I have tried to "muscle" a fitting off of a pipe before that ended up breaking the pipe a foot or so inside the wall...NOT FUN.

Cut it off, and start over.
Cut off the hose. A dremel cut through the outer part of the hose end threads, perpendicular to the threads, while avoiding damaging the bib threads. Don’t cut too deep. That should relieve the pressure, a bit, and allow a bit of penetrant in. Spray. Let soak. Unscrew it.

A hose end is cheap and easily replaced. A hose bib, not so much. In my house, it’s crawl space to do the plumbing repair. In some houses, it’s behind drywall.