O'Reilly 0W-20 Full Synthetic VOA

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May 12, 2011
O'Reilly 0W-20 Full Synthetic Virgin Oil Analysis From Blackstone Labs:
This is the virgin sample of O'Reilly Synthetic 0W/20 you sent, and it looks pretty good to us. As with most oil, the main additive is calcium, a detergent/dispersant, followed by phosphorus and zinc (ZDDP), which are anti-wear additives. Sodium is important to note, because if we see it in a used oil, we might think that it shows antifreeze if we didn't know that it's an additive in this type of oil. There was just a trace of insolubles and some other elements, but the viscosity looks good and there were no contaminants, so this oil looks to be in good shape!
             UNIT / UNIVERSAL
                    LOCATION AVERAGES
ALUMINUM        0     0
CHROMIUM        0     0
IRON            1     1
COPPER          0     0
LEAD            0     0
TIN             0     0
MOLYBDENUM      0    56
NICKEL          0     0
MANGANESE       0     0
SILVER          0     0
TITANIUM        0     0
POTASSIUM       0     1
BORON           2    86
SILICON         2     3
SODIUM        389    23
CALCIUM      1522  2184
MAGNESIUM       6    46
PHOSPHORUS    697   606
ZINC          765   742
BARIUM          0     0

                                   Should Be
SUS Viscosity @ 210°F    52.4         46-57
cSt Viscosity @ 100°C    8.01       6.0-9.7
Flashpoint in °F          405          >385
Fuel %                     -           <2.0
Antifreeze %               -            0.0
Water %                   0.0          <0.1
Insolubles %               TR          <0.6
They should pay you for this as they found out what is supposed to be in O'Reilly 0w-20!
Looks just like an Ashland product. It will do just fine...especially if the price is right...price?
Originally Posted By: 147_Grain
Stick with the major brands and not this heavily diluted additive package.
Agree....stick with the Majors (M-1, Pennzoil etc.). Looks like a very weak additive package. Spend a fdew bucks more for a superior synthetic.
so dumb. if the post was regarding napa synthetic, people here would be praising this up and down, saying that much of the non-metallic additives don't show on voa's. the additive levels here are on par with a conventional oil of this style. this is probably the exact same additive package that Ashland, Warren Distribution, ARG, and others purchase from Lubrizol. Omni obviously purchases their base stocks, so this could be nearly identical to every other house brand on the market. run this with confidence for 5k.
Not to mention this is 2 years old and outdated for all we know, except someone had to bring it back from the dead.
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