Old oil in sump

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Feb 19, 2008
I have a Simplicaty snowblower that has sat for two years with oil that was changed two years ago. It was changed with Dino Shell 5w30 after the last storm we had two years ago so if I use this snowblower this year do I need to change it again? It looks just as clean as the day I put it in. I used my old Toro for the last two years but I want to use my Symplicaty this year. By the way it's a good size two stage with a good size B&S motor the unit is aprox 6 years old.
Oil does not know time in the sump, only "mileage" or in this case hours. If it were mine though, I'd dump it and spend the $10 since it is 2 years old.
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I'd change it again. And squirt a drop in by the spark plug before cranking.

Real good point thank you I will do just that!
Oil stored in a sump or oil stored in a bottle ... not much difference either way. You might have a touch more moisture in the sump ... but that will flash off as soon as the engine gets warm.

I'd run it a reasonable interval.
My 4 cycle ope is stored in doors in a "heated" garage so I go by hours of usage rather then time. I use B & S synthetic 5W-30 in my generator and Valvoline conventional 30W in my power washer. My power washer will soon be going to Shell Rotella 10W-30. When I use them the oil gets fully heated for a period of time to burn off any moisture.

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