Oil for Cadillac SRX 3.6

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Sep 18, 2003
Hello Everyone- Wife has an '05 SRX with the 3.6. Pretty nice vehicle. The manual calls for 6 quarts of M1 5w30. I read a post on here that said these engines seem to be pretty tough on oil and was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this. I have plenty of oil, M1, GC, PP, etc., but was curious if one flavor seems to return better UOA then others. Typical runs would be 6k miles.
A lot of the posts that you read on here about engines being exceptionally tough on oil is missing any evidence to support that claim. Most of the newer engines are pretty tough on oil, which is why oils have to keep improving. In addition, that is also why some engines (such as yours) require special oil.

Any differences between GM 4718M approved oils are going to be minimal.
Does this engine call for a 4718M oil? If so, you must use one that meets that spec. M1 5W-30 and PP 5W-30 are two easily obtained oils that do meet that spec. GC does not, so I would not use that, as it may void the warranty.
I always used M1 5w30 on my 05 cts with the same engine as yours and had very good UOA reports. I did my oil change only when the change oil light was telling me too.

Right now, I'm trying Pennzoil Platinum and I'll see the results in 50% (per my Oil life monitor left).
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In Australia that year model engine recommends 5-10W30 SL GF-3 for 15,000kms.

Ive got M1 0W40 in my Commodore (same motor) over here.

is it a 3.6l vvt engine?

how the w40 affect the vvt?
The 3.6 litre used in the Commodore is an Alloytec LY7, also used in the Cadillac CTS and Pontiac G8. It's not a VVT engine AFAIK?? At least not in this market.
How noisy is your engine under load? My SRX is a bit loud when accelerating. Any noise difference between the M1 and the PP?
the 3.6 in my cts is in fact a vvt.

Edvanp, for the noise under load, yes it can be noisy sometimes when around 2500-3000 rpm.

There's an improvment in the noise with PP but there is another noise that wasn't there with M1 (as I remember). Its like a little pinging like if I could here the pcv valve or something. I dont remember if I could hear it with Mobil 1. I'm at 50% on my Oil Life Monitor so maybe in a month or two, I'll switch back to M1 to see the difference again.

If you want to see some of my UOA, go in the UOA section and search for "cadillac cts".

I can say that the OLM is working differently with outside temperature because during the winter in Canada, the OLM call for an oil change at around 10k miles. Right now, in summer time, I'm almost at 7500 miles and I'm only at 50% remaining.
I have an 08' SRX 3.6, and I'm about to do an oil change using M1 0w30, that I bought from WM for $22. I used the $10 coupon from Mobil, so for about $21 including filter it's worth it. I feel better with the M1, because of the GM4718 requirement.
I do hear a noise on acceleration with my SRX, but it sounds more like a nice racing sound.
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