Oil for 2004 Volvo XC 70

Ah OK, I can't catch up with your Vovlo's :)
I sometimes lose track as well…

I just transferred the title on the 2001 V70T5 to my son. It was given to him as a graduation gift, four years ago. He’s got it in Vermont. I was there visiting last week.

I just transferred title on the 2002 V70T5 to my daughter. I gave it to her seven years ago while she was in medical school. She’s in her fourth year of residency now, and she loves her car. I was there over the weekend.

Both cars are running well. Neither burn any oil.

So, I suppose, technically, I only own three of the five listed cars. But I did so much work on those two over the last decade, they still feel like mine…
I bought my 2008 Volvo S60 2.5T with around 20K miles in March 2009. I had the oil changed to M1 0W40 prior to taking delivery and have run that same oil continuously. The engine now has 155K and my independent Volvo specialist mechanic says that he figures that the engine would last forever. I run the oil a year which pre-Covid was between 8-10K miles. A couple of UAOs suggested that the oil was nowhere close to being used up at 10K. I'm closing in on retirement and more recently have been putting up more like 6K per year so I pushed the time out to 14 months and still figured that there's no need to even bother with the UAOs. I need to add 1/4 QT once or twice over the drain interval and have been really pleased with the performance of the oil.