oil filter for a HD sportster

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Nov 26, 2005
Like a dummy I stocked up on filters from the local stealership a while back and payed through the nose for them. Im out now. What is a good filter for 5K miles? This same filter will fit my Briggs Vanguard engine as well. Wix, Ac delco or something else that is decent but priced good. Im open to suggestions and want to be able to purchase it anywhere if possible. Thanks.
HD filters are just CHAMP filters... well, they used to be if they aren't now. That being said, I'd go wix.
I would use either the Fram or K&N filters from Advanced Auto. Buy enough at once to qualify for one of the 40% discounts and it's a good deal.
The following oil filters should fit your Harley: Fram PH/TG/XG 3614 Fram PH6022 (same as 3614 but black) Mobil M1-102 STP 3614 Wix 51215 Bosch D3330 This is a very SHORT listing! If you cross reference among the various manufacturers, you will find no less than 20 or so different filters which would fit your Harley. I modified the spigot on my 2011 Ducati Monster 696 to accept the same filter size as your Harley and have not looked back... I personally like the Fram TG3614 (great filter, great quality). I am not sure if the Harley requires an anti-drain back valve, K&N application for their KN-170 does not list it but I doubt it would hurt if you had it in the filter... The filters I listed DO have an anti-drain back valve. If you are going for the long OCI's, then of course you will want the highest quality filter. I change my oil every 1500-2000 miles so I typically go with a Fram 3614. Here is a link to a site which has a selection of filters which should fit your bike: Oil Filter Reference The Fram TG runs around $5.00 at Wally World... The general rule of thumb I have found is that you can use a shorter filter if you use shorter OCI's and the filter meets the same specs for flow rate. I think the Wix are probably the best designed, bypass on the open end, etc. but you will pay a little more... The Mobil 1 is built like a tank but will set you back around $10-$12 at most auto parts stores. The Fram XG3614 is an EXCELLENT filter and should run you no more than $7-$9 at Wally World, however... Anyways, make sure you do your own research but I hope this helps... Garry P.S. I have used K&N but do not find the brand any better than comparable and less expensive offerings and I have yet to find the difference between an automotive and motorcycle filter. Furthermore, I have not observed a filter failure as a consequence of nitrile ADBV valves and gaskets in over 25 years of riding (and driving)... Your mileage may vary, and Google is your friend...
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The following oil filters should fit your Harley: Fram PH/TG/XG 3614 Fram PH6022 (same as 3614 but black) Mobil M1-102 STP 3614 Wix 51215 Bosch D3330
I use either the Bosch 3330, or the Wix 51215 on both hogs in the pen. Work great.
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