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Feb 3, 2011
Golden Meadow, LA
just picked up a honda filter for my moms 08 accord.says its made by filtech. is this is a good filter or would i be better off running a P1 or Mobil 1? paid 6.50 for it
The Honda OEM filter I saw cut open 6 months ago was identical to the Fram orange can, it was one for my civic, both I believe are made by Honeywell, I wouldn't use it if it is a re-branded OCOD.
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Filtech is NOT the same filter as the one Honeywell makes. Left to right is Honeywell made, Filtech, and the one available in Japan.
Found this online, the filters have a part number like 15400-PME-A02 or A01 The A-02, is the Honeywell/Fram similar to a Tough Guard (silicone adbv) The A-01, is the Filtech with the 'thermo bonded' media ends/no endcap
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You have a nice filter, the A01 is the better choice and the ones I use and am very happy with. Did you pick it up on Amazon? They were 12.95 and now they are 6.50 so I jumped on a few, just curious.
The Honeywell/Fram plant in Stratford, Ontario is due to close in 2012. They made a lot of oil filters for Honda (the A02). I'm wondering if the closure of this plant will cease the production of the A02 filter?
They will likely have the A02 manufactured under another brand hopefully a better one.
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A filter without an end cap?!? Too crazy for me. Sticking with purolators.
Those have the same construction as the Toyota Denso filters - end of pleats are bonded together to seal them.
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A filter without an end cap?!? Too crazy for me. Sticking with purolators.
Most cartridge filters have no end caps...Purolators included.
is the A01 or A02 better?
Many here prefer the Filtech A-01 to the Fram made A-02. Imo, neither 01 or 02 is worth ~$6.50 as quoted above. As for the A-01 H&A price frequently quoted, don't forget to add the shipping to the $5.28 quoted price, ~$12.50 for one, ~$14.00 for 6, or ~$7 each to my zip. Pass. Afaik, most dealers in the US sell the Fram A-02, true in this area. Also recently tested by Amsoil, the A-02 efficiency looks pretty shabby ~67%@20um. And the no endcap type filters like the A-01 Filtech, as shown by r_r's testing and the recent Amsoil test of Toyota no endcap filter (51%@20um), tend not to be very efficient. Based on that I'd not chase either oem, especially now with the $3 P1 and $5 Bosch D+ rebate until the end of the month. Buy 4 of either, P1 from Amazon/Kmart or Bosch D+ from Advance with code, and either can be had for $3-3.50 each. IMO, stick with the P1 PL14610.
^Even a Classic would beat those numbers more than likely. So if 'flow' is a legit mental OCD, there's always that option too. Still an improvement over the factory filters. thumbsup
Filtech is an/the American subsidiary of Toyo Roki Manufacturing Co. LTD. Toyo Roki makes the factory filters for Honda's Japanese made products.
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i cut open a honda honeywell made in canada filter a week ago. adbv was very very flimsy, the bypass valve didnt require too much pressure to open up. you can shine the light and see it on the opposite side of the filter media.
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