NV passenger fuel pump and spark plug replacement

Jan 5, 2017
Talkeetna AK
Just thought I’d share my experience and few pictures.
Just tried to replace the fuel pump today on a 2016 NV passenger 5.6L. Could not reach to detach the fuel line and power connection till I dropped it some. Was a pita.
Had lugging/stalling whenever I hit the gas…especially if there was a downshift. Cold temperatures seem to make things better. This had been occurring since last summer.
However, when the lugging started, the fuel trim would just go to zero and the front A/F ratio sensors didn’t show much either….until recently when it got bad. The fuel trim and A/F ratio would go through the rough when it happened.

Had a new fuel pump shipped in (nobody has one in Alaska) and had the tank dropped before realizing the new pump had a broken fuel line inlet.
However, after seeing how much sand and dirt there was in the bottom of the tank and in the filter for the pump, i just cleaned the tank out really well, removed the old clogged filter, and it runs beautifully.
Sending the new pump back and hopefully I will be fine without the filter🙏.
Oh, the dirt was from one of my kids shoving it down the fuel filler hole🤬.

I also replaced the original NGK Laser Iridium spark plugs with NGK ruthenium a few weeks back. Rutheniums were the same price as the iridium IX.
The van had 108k miles plus LOTS of idle time.
The old ones weren’t too bad. They had a gap of about .046. Gap of new ones are .044. It does run a little better with the new plugs.




Actually I do have a question. Any of you that have changed out your fuel pump ever run into much dirt etc in your fuel tank? Just curious if it’s much of a problem with the regulations on the gas stations and them having their own filters?
I did my 2008 Xterra - its likely the same pump, and I couldn't see really anything in the tank. The filter did look pretty "full" but it was more like white lint had plugged it up - not really sure how to describe it. Definitely was not dirt. It had maybe 370,000 miles at that time. I also think it was just the filter - mine had a weird long start but only when warm, not hot, not cold. Changing the pump solved that problem.