Now I have 2 Random Orbital Buffers, keep 1, keep both?

Jan 20, 2017
I need help to decide.

Up to a few days ago, I had only a 2 handle Craftsman and a Ryobi random orbital buffer. I have 2 cars in the family but I detail several cars for others during the year. It's nice to do this part time and pick up a few extra dollars. I may want to do a few more. However I only do this from my home as in retirement I can take breaks. I'm not interested in a p/t or f/t mobile detailing business.

This week I joined the Harbor Freight Insider Club (2 yrs $45) to buy the Bauer Random Orbital buffer for $49 rather than the $79 as I felt saving $20 might make the Insider Club membership worth it. The Bauer ro buffer as October 1st It's on sale for $69. Plus I bought the 2 year extended warranty for $20.

The day after I bought the Bauer, I saw and bought off Facebook a practically new Craftsman CMEE145 random orbital buffer for $30 (new from Amazon $135) with a foam bonnet backing plate and a hook & loop backing plate.

Now I have 2 decent or good new random orbital buffers plus the 2 two handle bonnet buffers.

What should I do? Is there an advantage to keeping both buffers? Keeping different pads on each buffer? Or do I return the Bauer, still in the box, with the extended warranty and ask for my Insider Club membership back also, if they will give it to me, call it quits with the Bauer, keeping only the Craftsman, or return the same, Bauer and Insider Club membership, if they will of course, and buy the Bauer back for $69, now owning two buffers.