Nissan Frontier ignition switch

I am trying to determine if I need an ignition switch or the key cylinder assy. The symptoms are my battery is going dead and after recharging it overnight I hooked it back up and tested it with a meter. It was pulling about 6 amps and then I could hear a relay click and it would drop to .2 amps. It would cycle between 6 and .2 amps about every 10 seconds. I started pulling fuses and when I got to the ignition switch fuse it dropped to .01 amps and no more cycling. I reinstalled the fuse and it started cycling again ( key was removed from ignition) . After this I barely touched the ignition switch and it stopped. I can make it start cycling again by slightly touching the ignition switch sometimes. I'm assuming whatever is cycling is normal, but should only do it with the key on and the problem is the ignition switch or key cylinder. Not sure if this indicates the switch or key cylinder is defective.