Newbie question about Castrol oil spec...

I was asking how do you know the approval has stringent tests. Where can I read about that? In this thread I wasn't referring to the Lubrizol comparative tool. Thank you.
What kind of tests it is going to have? Easy one? MB229.5/51,52, has Noack limit of 10% there is standardized ASTM procedure to determine that. Same thing with other parameters. Porsche for A40/C40 has simulation of 5 (or 8hrs cannot remember) hrs of Nurburgring run being done on their oil sump test machine (video available here in numerous topics).
Oil companies might do additional tests that they seem fitting. When I was test driver for oil company we were doing specific tests sinulating common driving patterns and more, that resembles market we were selling oil at, plus tests to comply with VW504.00/507.00.
Can you elaborate how are they more stringent than VW504.00/507.00?
That information is available on the internet. Listing what the tests are is only going to lead to more questions about the tests and what makes what one company chooses more "stringent" than another.
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