New Ubiquti Wifi-6 home setup

Mar 2, 2004
Got my Ubiquiti Wi-Fi setup started; goal is to cover the whole house, and [hopefully] use wireless mesh to get reasonably reliable Wi-Fi out to my workshop building which is about 60 feet away from the house.

I'm using 2- Ubiquiti U6-Pro (installed at opposite ends of the house; one as far to the side as I could get to the shop building), and 1 U6-LR to go in the shop building itself.

I got these from work as they purchased them to have me setup Wi-Fi for them (which I did). But their cranky retired IT guy who maintains the network/server essentially refused to incorporate them into network/router, and instead bought a Netgear Orbi AX mesh system with 3 satellites. I watched the Ubiquiti equipment (that was mounted and basically brand new) collect dust for about 3 months, until I finally asked what they wanted for them. $300 for all three; SOLD!

This prompted me to fix all the ethernet wiring in my home. The builders in 2007 (before I bought the house of course) put CAT5a cable in nearly every room, but they all landed at the telephone box outside the house. Most were used as analog phone (2-wires) terminated at a phone jack somewhere inside the house, but strangely others were wired to a mix of CAT3 and CAT5 jacks (all were 8P8C connectors) using only two wires and the other side dead ended at the telephone box outside. Craziest thing I've ever seen. I pulled all the wires inside the house (attached garage) and mounted an 8-port POE+ switch to connect all the inside jacks together, and tossed all the old phone jacks and replaced with ethernet jacks.

Mounted the two inside Ubiquiti access points, had to get into the attic to run cable so the one in the bedroom has no exposed wiring. Still waiting on another POE switch for the bedroom, and a POE+ injector for the U6-LR that's going in the shop. I haven't mounted that one because I want to experiment with placement.

If the Wifi-mesh to the shop idea (in lieu of running underground cable) doesn't work out, I'm going to try an ethernet powerline adapter and see if that does the trick. Nowhere near a finished project, still have some wiring to clean up, probably install a raceway of some sort in the attached garage to hide all the exposed wiring.


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The wifi to the shop should work. or they have direct burial cable
or you could buy directional wifi bridge type setup.
or even just outdoor WAPS to wireless bridge the buildings.
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The wifi to the shop should work. or they have direct burial cable
or you could buy directional wifi bridge type setup.
or even just outdoor WAPS to wireless bridge the buildings.
Agreed. The mesh should work. But a P2P bridge using a couple of airmax nanobeams would be cool. They are $99 each. I've been wanting to play with some but haven't had an application yet.
The wifi to the shop should work. or they have direct burial cable
or you could buy directional wifi bridge type setup.
or even just outdoor WAPS to wireless bridge the buildings.

I have the access point in the attached garage going (closest to shop). Testing on my Iphone XS Max (older phone) shows decent service until I get to the shop door. Once I'm in the building (all metal) and close the door, I still lose everything including the Wi-Fi.. so that's not looking good.

I'm still going to try the U6-LR in the shop set to mesh mode once my POE injector gets here (Tues.) It'll probably get a better signal than my Iphone, but whether it's usable enough to spread Wi-Fi through the shop is another question.

If that fails, I'll try powerline ethernet. If I can get 50-100mbps out of it, I'd be satisfied-- just simple web browsing, Wi-Fi calling/VOIP is all I'll have going on out there.

I really don't want to go the directional Wi-Fi bridge route because there's no clear line of sight between buildings unless I mount them outdoors. If I'm going to go through that trouble (penetrating walls), I'll just dig a 60' long trench (err... my kids will when they misbehave) and run the direct burial cable.
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I always wondered for these setups, is adopting a building to building bridge worth it?
I really like all of my ubiquiti stuff, but they dropped their edgemax line of routers and honestly the company lost focus on their customer service. I am not sure I would use their products again on my next build.

Basically in my opinion they were so good they distrupted the market, then they collapsed. Again my opinions. I did my complete build in 2014 and has never went down a single time.
The wifi-mesh idea didn't work out... at all. The metal shop building behaves like a giant faraday cage, nothing seems to get through it, no cell or Wi-Fi.

Since the shop building has a subpanel attached to the house for electric, I tried a 10+ year old "500mbps" powerline adapter set that's been collecting dust. That yielded 20mbps which is better than nothing.

I bought a modern "2000mbps" powerline variant with gigabit ports on Amazon ($100 or so) and it improved speed to 30mbps. Definitely useable for what I need to do in the shop, so I'm going to leave it at that.

But the first time I'm in there needing to download something large, that'll spur me to borrow a trencher and run direct burial CAT6 at the earliest opportunity. Until then it's going to sit at the bottom of the to-do list, too many other irons in the fire.