New snow tires!

Mar 12, 2015
In the shop
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So far I'm liking them
They've done well in warmer (50°+) rain
And they're fairing quite well on the fresh unsalted expressways, they track excellent at highway speed
Much quieter than the WinterContactSi
They no longer sound trucky, but these new ones sure do ride like a Jeep, but it's still comfortable
I upped the pressures a bit to 34F/36R, so when it gets to the teens they'll still be right
They're saying a foot overnight, and highs in the low teens, and I've gotta be at work tomorrow
I also live down a tertiary dead end that's often plowed lousily, last
Wish me luck 😐

beautiful car and very nice snow tires sir 👍🇺🇸