New Router, Firewall Settings - Help and Thoughts, Thanks

Jul 10, 2012
North Carolina Coast
Replaced my faithful and spot on reliable Archer C7 AC router last night. 5 years of faithful service and still going strong I was just in the mood for a hardware upgrade NOT a wifi standards upgrade past AC. I now have upwards of 20 or more Wifi devices on our network, plus Ooma Phone, plus a secondary Cisco router and company telephone and Dell Business Desktop supplied by my wifes company plugged into a power line adapter into the back of the router so figured some updated hardware from 5 years ago can not hurt.
I do admit to being a fan of TP Link but was bent on not purchasing another one.
I tried to buy a high performing low cost router from a USA company, but could not get over paying well over 50% more to get dependable and fast speeds in our 3000 sq ft home. I could care less about the latest WiFi standards AX or WiFi 6 ... AC is fine for me. Anyway, I tried to buy American but to no avail, it is the reason I avoided another TP Link but still ended up with a China router.

I purchased and installed last night a Motorola AC2600 4x4 Gigbit Router. Model# MR 2600
Seems to be marketed for range and setting it up last night is quite good, like the TP link was. I dont have a dead spot in our 3000 sq ft home. Router mounted in a central closet on the main level and I get 117 Mbps on our 100Mbps connection in our second floor office on my Mac mini using wifi.
Ill update if anyone interested, I have only used it for a couple hours now and just about to leave for work.

Anyway, first impressions, I do wish I took measurements before I swapped it out, thing is with the c7 there were no issues and with this new router no issues.
1. For sure, both my wife and I agree that our 4 wifi security cameras load up noticeably faster when clicking on them, also video playback is more snappy, one of them also pans remotely and the camera is more responsive to pan and tilt. .
2. Wifi doorbell, same thing as the cameras above, more snappy.
3. Range, I think about the same, which has never been an issue in our home except the master bedroom in one area, me being the perfectionist would seem at times to lag a bit on my Samsung Tablet, I also have an old iPad that I dont use anymore and will try that. Anyway, with the new router no more lag (lack of better word) and signal strong on the 5ghz.

So finally my question, Router settings have a little less handholding on the Motorola and I do like to go into them and tweak if a little bit.
They seem robust enough but not sure of as robust as the TPlink again, just fired this thing up, menu seems more basic, at the same time, typical consumers rarely go into them anyway.

So, from people who know, which of these firewall options would you turn on?
Im not doing it right now, I have to be sure its a day I am home in case I need to reverse something, as I cant leave the house to find out later my wife is having trouble with her work set up.
Which of these would you turn on?
Thanks in advance!

Enable DMZ:
Enable SPI IPv4:
Enable Anti-spoof Checking:
IPv6 Simple Security:
IPv6 Ingress Filtering:
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I would turn them all on. If it breaks something, then troubleshoot from there. The highest risk we all have is malware getting on our devices. If that happens, then someone will own your base. These settings will do almost nothing to protect you against malware.
Thanks for the responses so far, yes, I should have mentioned the DMZ from what I read should be off and is mentioned as more for if your running a server.
I do have SPI on and will turn on the other 3 assuming it won’t slow anything down.