New Redline material

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Oct 18, 2003
Yup, I picked up a bottle of RL SI-1 at Advanced Auto a couple weeks ago. It really smoothed out my rough idle at startup very nicely and I've only used 1/4 bottle so far on half a tank of gas!
It must be some potent stuff, because I've used a full bottle Techron several times without any success of smoothing the idle out. Thumbs up for SI-1.
I ordered some RL SI-1 Fuel system cleaner from I went into AA parts yesterday and realized they now sell it their for $5.98 a bottle. Just a heads up for those that might need some. My shipment came later that day and inside was a new pamphlet of their products. They list the 5w-40 now inside.
Yeah, I bought some at AA this weekend too, used "20 gallons worth" whatever that is.

Each fillup after that I'll use 10 gallons worth (per the marking on the back showing increments) until the bottle is empty.

My car seems peppier.. but that could honestly be a placebo effect being that I've only got 18k on the vehicle.
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