New Camry SE rental

Sep 1, 2022
My wife and I flew into Knoxville last week to visit Ashville, the Biltmore, Smokie Mountains and Gatlinburg. We got a new Camry SE rental with 24 miles on the clock. I think it came straight from the dealership. I am a 70 year old who has had mostly sporty cars but bought a 2019 Avalon. It was a great luxury car but after being diagnosed with a terminal disease I wanted another sporty car so bought a 2022 WRX manual. I was impressed with the handling of the SE. This is supposed to be a slightly sportier version but still a 4 cyl. The four was somewhat buzzy in the mountains but the power was ok, just not what I am accustomed to. The ride was like my Avalon, so very comfortable. This model has cloth and vinyl instead of leather but the seats were comfortable to me. The room for four was very good. Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend this car. We enjoyed the trip very much. I can still hike in the mountains and that was great. Downtown Ashville was fun. The Biltmore was worthwhile to see. I did not like Gatlinburg. Way too crowded, even in early November on a Monday.
Gatlinburg and Sevierville are tragic victims of their own success. Branson, MO is not far behind them.
Get use it the word is out about Gatlinburg ,Pigeon Forge TN and Branson MO . A lot of people up here in the Northeast talking about them places. Even wanting to move there . Tennessee will be a blue state if this happens oh yes . 😎😎😎😎
I hope you're coming along well.
Love that area. When i worked for OPM, i used to take business trips there to conduct updated background investigations for the folks working at the Oakridge Nuclear Plant. It would be two weeks to a month's amount of time. I could definitely live there.

Good review on the Camry. I'm one of the exceptions that likes it more than the Accord.