New boots, new dressing

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Mar 20, 2014
I purchased a pair of Bates delta sport shoes mainly because I like the shoe feel with the boot look with duty pants. I also purchased some Danner black dressing to go along with the boots. Anyone have experience with that particular dressing? Is it the kind of dressing I can apply once every so often and in between applications use some Kiwi shoe-shine w/o ruining the dressings purpose? Thanks!
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I have Lincoln Stain Wax too that I use on my Danners. It works well. I've also got Meltonian Cream Polish for a nicer pair of brown Wolverine boots. I've used a few other varieties, including Kiwi, and I believe the Danner stuff once. I think the key is the process, as I haven't found a dressing/polish that hasn't worked well enough. Use a very small amount of the final polish/wax and build up several layers. Clean Brush Condition Brush Polish
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