New BMW changes color


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Aug 7, 2020
While the concept is interesting and might add a level of fun to BMW ownership, it seems totally unnecessary and a waste of money and technology. The way the car is presented in the video, as having gender and a personality, is a bit off-putting. Of course, cars have been referred to in the female gender almost since they first came on the scene more than 100 years ago.

BMW showed off a “color-changing” concept vehicle at CES last year but that only changed into various shades of gray. This year, the i Vision Dee changes through a full palette of colors with different parts of the car body showing different colors all at once. Even the wheels change color.

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I remember Dodge offered a color called charglo back in the 1990’s that changed color from olive green to golds, oranges or yellow depending on the type of sunlight it was in. Beautiful in sunset. The reflection made it look like the side and roof of the car were painted in two different colors.
When they radically change shapes I'll buy one!
So basically it's a giant e-ink screen. I don't see this becoming popular, just a nice display at car expos and marketing.

I would like to see tint-on-demand windows become a reality. I've read about some prototypes that used LCD technology but alas nothing has come to market yet. Maybe e-ink will be the solution.
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Three cheers for color changing technologies but I think showcasing them on car bodies is misplaced.
If BMW itself created the technology, I can see them using their car for the "free exposure" of it.
I suppose a color-changing car might hold one's eye more than a billboard.

I believe spies, undercover police and the military can use this tech, sure.
Anyone remember the Man from U.N.C.L.E. episode where the bad guys drove into a "car wash" where their car was painted, thus effecting and escape right under everyone's nose?

They'll use this tech on vending machines to see which colors sell more product before they offer it on any car.
Being that it's BMW it's only a matter of time before they make you pay for an app if you want to change the color or interior lighting. Heck, maybe they can charge you to change your tire pressure if that pesky light illuminates on the dash. How'd you like to be the first in your neighborhood to be so exclusive that you get to brag about upgrading your tire pressure. Where do I sign?