New battery wouldn't start - 2008 Rogue

Amps as in CCA, start the car, voltage tells you very little. Ground wires really important. At AAP we would sometimes add one leg of a Jumper Cable between battery ground and frame ground and magic the car would start, some Fords used thin ground wires as i recall
Like I said - all the stuff operated just fine, including the headlights, dome lights, and radio. I got a door chime with the key inserted. I could move it to accessory power. But when I turned the key to start the dome lights that were on turned off and I heard one click. But also a light continuous clicking sound coming from around the glove box until I disconnected the battery. The sound continued as long as the battery was connected, even when I removed the key.

I have no idea why it worked after I put the battery on the charger for a few minutes. It may even be coincidence.

I saw some video of someone installing a new battery in a Rogue and it measured at 11.8V. However, I suspect that wasn't the same issue with this car.
Some batteries need that little kick from a charger when they have been stored, date code not really meaningful