New B&S 550EX - Delo 400 15w-40?

Sep 13, 2009
Melbourne, Australia
Have a new Victa Corvette 200 with the B&S 550ex motor. I have delo 400 multigrade 15-40 at home in 20l tubs as I also use it for the motorbikes so looking at, if possible, not having a SAE30 as well. But rather use what I have.
I think I know the answer here but thought I'd put it out there, new 550ex on delo 400 multigrade. Any burning red flags or issues here?
I've ran straight 30, 10W-30, 5W-40, 0W-40, and 15W-50 in these motors, for small engines as long as the oil's not too thick for the temperature you're using it in, any oil will be fine so long as it is thick enough, ie. don't run Xw20 in these engines when they spec Xw30, and as long as you have enough oil in the sump you'll be good.
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That oil sounds perfect for your conditions. Post a picture! I’ve always been jealous of aussies and their Victa mowers.



A gasser with an 18in deck that's unique, in the US usually sizes below 20in are only found on electric mowers, 20-22in is what's common for gas mowers.
15W-40 is the present day 30wt. Good enough for $50,000.00 U.S. dollar diesel engine , it will be good enough for your lawn mower.