Never thought i would see this...

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Dec 28, 2012
Cave City KY
I stopped at my local marathon station to fill my car and noticed something a little striking and unusual. regular 87 E10 is 2.49 per gallon and 90 E0 ethanol free is 2.22.
Never thought i would see the day when ethanol free was cheaper than blended gasoline but it was a nice change.
I worked at a gas station for a bit while in high school. Many gas stations price match with each other. My boss would record every other gas station's prices each morning and we would go one cent lower, as per company policy. While that was 10+ years ago now, I'm sure that they still follow this trend. While their stock is probably fresh, another gas station nearby might be trying to move some older, ethanol-free gas and lowered their price- causing those who price match to lower theirs as well.
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No it is a high volume station it was out of ethanol free one week ago.

Y'all aren't very observant if you missed this
E0 should be have to put the ethacrud in the "unleaded gasoline". Just like back in 75' when they started "unleaded gasoline".....they didn't take the lead out......they didn't put it in to begin with.
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I'ma have to drive down and give them some business!

the station is on roger wells blvd in glasgow. only 1 of two places to purchase ethanol free.
Yikes! The price is varied here between 2.22 - 2.73 for E0 and for E10 the price is between 2.39 - 2.54 depending on the station.
Paid 30c more per gallon on my trip to SLC for zero ethanol gas. A Maverick station about 90 miles outside Salt Lake. First I've used in decades.

Hated the price difference, but had to do it.

Not sure of an efficiency increase in mileage as I got 35-39 on E10 during entire the round trip from Tucson to SLC and back in an 05 ION 2.2. 80 MPH stretches of freeway in UT and peak MPG for this car seems to be just under 70.
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