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Jul 11, 2004
Oklahoma City
I bought a 1997 F150 4X4 with the 4.6 Triton and about 130K miles.

Well, basically I want to know what is the best oil to run on it, consider these things guys.

1. I have no clue the previous owner used for the first 130K miles.

2. Under the hood it calls for 5W30

3. Summer just started this week here in Oklahoma City, it will probably be 95 - 105 for a long time.

4. When winter comes should I stick with the same kind of oil (5W30)? we go down to single digits at times and I have to start this thing very early in the morning since I go in at 4:30 AM to work.

Also, I just put some 5W20 synthetic blend in it (dont ask why, shoulda been 5W30 I know) do I need to change this ASAP?

Ive been thinking of shelling out the cash for the $4.99/Quart Mobil 1, I want this engine to last as long as it can.

Thanx in advance to all that help.
In my humble opinion,

Ford TSB 02-1-9 allows the use of 5W-20 in your 4.6L even though the cap is marked 5W-30. You should be fine in this respect. Watch the oil consumption and go to a heavier weight if it gets excessive.

I have run M1 5W-30 in my '98 5.4L for 40k miles, winter or summer, and sometimes we can get into the teens and twenties below zero here. She sits outside and I have never had a problem with cold cranking or piston slap in the winter. Conversely, it seems to run very smooth and strong in the summer where temps sometimes hit the mid to upper 90's. UOA's have been outstanding. I change it twice a year, usually aroung the spring/fall solstice which works out to be around 5k-6k miles. It seems to burn about a quart every change.

Bottom line, 5W-20 should be OK, just keep an eye on usage, and M1 is a great choice for this family of engine.

Originally posted by Jose314:

Ive been thinking of shelling out the cash for the $4.99/Quart Mobil 1, I want this engine to last as long as it can.

Hello and welcome to the forum

No doubt the Mobil would be a good choice but considering where you live I would use the Synergyn 3w-30 . 4.70 a quart if a 5 gallon pail is bought w/ free shipping .It just smoked the Mobil oil in back to back 6 month events
in my Wife's car

Next choice would be the Saab 5w-30 Synthetic Blend from BRI Imports near you " Saab dealer " . It's good stuff for 2.30 a quart.

Next would be the 5w-30 Mobil Syn Blend and from there near any 5w-30 dino because those engines are not really too hard on oil .
Motorcraft 5w-30
Mobil Drive Clean 5w-30
Exxon Superflo 5w-30
Citgo Supergard 5w-30 ..

comes to mind .

I believe there is but one word for a oil filter for the 4.6 and that is Motorcraft .

Enjoy your stay here and good luck with the 4x4 Truck
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