Need help with oil analysis...

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Apr 21, 2003
Oak Harbor, WA
Howdy... I just got my first results from Blackstone Labs for my 2000 Volvo. All values are within normal limits except Lead. I got a 7, and they state the averages to be 1. They state to have it rechecked in 5k miles for concerns of bearing wear. Ok...
Now I had my '97 Expedition checked by Oil Analyzers Inc. not long ago and the lead was listed @ 11... but, the report states that oil is all within normal limits and I could continue use. Actually, several of my readings from O.A. are slightly over the universal averages reported by Blackstone. Oil Analyzers doesn't list the universal averages as does Blackstone.
I'm using Amsoil in both engines.
Any thoughts?

One analysis means virtually nothing unless numbers are out of sight or there is glycol or something. You really need to look at trends. In general a 7 on the lead even in 3000 miles is nothing to even be slightly concerned about. Can you post all of the numbers in the Used Oil Analysis section ??
Make a paper copy of the results and mail them to me if you would:

Ted K.
c/o Dixie Synthetics
365 Deaton Road
Lacey's Spring, AL 35754

I'll be glad to make some sense out of the data ...please include a phone # where you can be reached!
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