Need help getting my bedroom door to lock...

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Sep 14, 2011
Denver, CO
I live in a house with two other people and I recently put a locking door knob on my bed room door. Problem is I found out of you push on it a little it will open, the latch that goes into the frame does not stick out far enough due to what seems to be a little wider space between the door and the frame. Any ideas? Its something that I need to remedy fast..since I have have a lot of very expensive items. Thanks!!!!!!!!
If you don't trust your housemates you're in for a miserable life. Shim the door frame receiver doohickey out a bit more... get longer screws.
Yes, shim out the doohickey: If your outside knob has a hole in the center, it can be unlocked with a paper clip:
You can shim the hinges to close the gap on the lock side. How big is the gap ? Standard is 1/8". Did you get a keyed lock like a front door knob ?
Yeah I put a keyed lock on it. Its not so much my room mate as is his insane gf, we have had problems with her before and she was not supposed to be over. Now she has popped back in, guess I will have to talk to my landlord about it again to keep her away. I mean she literally has something wrong with her LOL.
I remedied the problem by shimming the striker plate, I will be talking to my landlord to really remedy the problem. Thanks a lot guys!!
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