My Windows 7 not genuine?

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Feb 17, 2015
Murrieta, CA

I had Windows 7 installed on my home desktop computer about five years ago. It was installed by an IT guy from work, and I never had any issues with the program until recently.

About two months ago I started getting messages from Microsoft, everyday, wanting me to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. I kept resisting the offer because I am happy with Windows 7, but after constant pestering from MS to "upgrade" to W10 I gave in, and attempted to download the W10 onto my desktop. As soon as I downloaded W10 my computer became slow almost frozen , and I spent two days trying to figure out the problem. I even tried the W10 updates that was supposed to fix the issue. I dumped W10 and went back to W7, and all was merry again. I followed MS instructions on how to remove W10 and get W7 back, and that transition went smooth.

Now a few weeks after I got my Windows 7 back this alert message started popping-up several time a day. I am hesitant to open the popup link because I worry it might be malware or something else that's harmful. The IT guy transferred out of state, so I can't get his feedback on the matter.

Does it look legit and safe to click on?
Any ideas what might be going on with this?

I noticed the hotmail sign-in page is different than before, and that change happened the same time this alert message began.
That box is legit. If you're asked to re-active your Windows install online then go for it. You can't break anything at this point.
The IT guy either had a cracked copy or you just need to call the number and activate the system and follow the prompts when they ask how many computers the key is installed on say 1
Thank you for the replies.

Bottom_Feeder: Thank you for the reply.

Triple_Se7en: Yes, I have been getting automatic Windows Updates.

901 Memphis: Thank you for the reply.
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