My Joes Tire Pressure gauge reads 3 psi high. Recommendations for a new one?

Mine reads the same, off a couple pounds. I just do the math, Ican buy a new one but who says that will be any more accurate.

I have had a Joe's Racing 0-60 psi tire pressure gauge for about 5 or so years. Before I bought it I did a bit of research and it seemed to be one of the better ones on the market.

I just came from the tire shop and learned that my gauge reads 3psi high compared to the system that is used at Americas Tire / Discount Tire. The system I mean is the one where you set the pressure and it automatically stops when you get to the set pressure. Also when you first connect to it before it starts filling it displays the temperature. I think I will cross check by taking a trip to another tire shop and comparing.

Assuming my gauge does in fact read 3psi high I am looking for recommendations for a replacement. Should I purchase another?

I would like an analog dial non battery operated gauge. Another feature I like is the bleed off of vent button. This is very useful as I typically slightly overfill the tires and then bleed or vent them down to the desired pressure.

Well call me a heretic, but after 60 years of filling tires with Milton or Accutire analog, I am convinced this type is better:

Currently unavailable, but there are others of similar or identical design. Like here, but I have not bought this one:

The locking chuck is fantastic. This can be bought separately:

Battery is common AAA type with usage gauge. Has the bleed down feature. Auto off.

No leaks, very positive action. Don't have to hold it down (or slip off). Lock it on and go. Dead accurate. Consistent readings.

Bought 5 or 6 for me and friends. Never a problem.
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I like an analogue gauge but what spoils them in accuracy terms is almost all of them are 0 -100 psi when the typical car tyre pressures are between 30 and 40 psi with most in the lower to mid 30's. By choosing 0-100 psi they are throwing away the best chance of accuracy and even readability of the graduations. I've calibrated hundreds of bourdon tube analogue gauges and accuracy is always specified as a percentage of the full range. So if you are trying to measure 33 psi a 0 -50 psi gauge is inherently twice as accurate as a 0 -100 psi gauge. For car use these gauges should be 0-60 psi at the very most and let those with higher pressures use something else.

The digital gauges with a range of 0-250 psi are making the same mistake. They may have good accuracy but they would be better still with a more appropriate range.
The $7.xx Milton I left a link for is a 5-50 psi. Matches the TPMS in the Maverick. I set with the gauge and the TMPS reads the same. It's nice that it all matches. It didn't on the 2021 Venza. The Venza TPMS was generous by 2psi.
Surprisingly, the best gauge I've come across is the free one Discount Tire gave me at our last visit. it's been reading right ever since even better than the Viair gauge or the the $9.00 gauge from Walmart.
The best one I found is the one you use consistently. The 4-5 I have vary a couple pounds between them. I bought the Jaco Elite and I like the readings down to .1psi. I use that when I'm doing all the cars on an early morning. It pretty much matches the pressure readings on the couple cars that show tire pressure on dash. One of those sensors doesn't show the same as the others by 1psi.

My TPMS lights don't come on unless there is an actual issue or there was some large temperature swing. All my tires wear evenly. Next I might get a different depth gauge like a digital one. I have 2 like this Milton S-448 but I don't recall a name on them. The gauge area is white plastic with the lines. Dad gave it to me at least 30 years ago. I just knocked off 3psi from my FIL Renegade on last rotation. He was 6/32" center and 7/32" on outer channels.