My first "Big Boy" tool box

Middle of Iowa
The last (and first) tool box I bought was around 2002 when our local Sears was going out of business. It was a bottom of the barrel Craftsman with slide drawers...but I was happy as a pig in mud finally having a real tool box. Well, nearly 20 years later, I have out-grown that box as well as about 50% of the drawer slides are broken, stuck, or just not working. I finally decided to shell out some $$$ and get a big boy box - even with real bearing slides! I know its not top of the line, but I am super happy and proud!

Upstate NY
When I worked at Sears for hobby money I would see things like tool boxes brought out of the back room and sold as discontinued for super cheap $$. They do not last long, but working there I would see them. That is how I got my second tool chest. (And employee discount).
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Looks great to me! Time to throw some stickers on it! LOL
One of my tool boxes acquired in 1970 has among others, a Stewart/Warner decal from a set of gauges I installed on a 1972 Ford with a 400 cu in Cleveland. Easy install on vehicles of that era. Wouldn't even think about doing that on today's front wheel drive vehicles.Big pita.