My '95 Civic ARX treatment phase, filter...

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Jun 10, 2005
Lynden, Washington

Hopefully this thread doesn't get threadjacked and locked like the prior one.

This is a photo of the ARX treatment phase filter (piece) and end cap from a few weeks ago (just got the filter opener a week or so ago). I was quite surprised to find as much flecky deposits in this filter as I did, there were quite a few more on that end cap but handling removed them... This is my third treatment in about 50,000 miles, but this time I ran dino and a full bottle of ARX in the little tin-can wonder.

Methinks dino in the treatment phase is also a good thing.

EDIT: for some reason- even with the ]img[ ]/img[ thing I can't get the photos to display here (yes, the brackets are deliberately reversed here)...
Originally Posted By: Crashbox
This is a photo of the ARX treatment phase filter

Where's the comparison picture that shows how clean or dirty your filter usually looks? Did it, for example, resemble sort of this filter?

Well, you have a point, Mori. True, this is the very first filter I've cracked open, but the carbonaceous flecks I suspect are not typical.
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This should show a little more detail.

Holy [censored], and here I thought I did a bad job with my Dremel!
My intent was to expand the pleats to reveal their contents; maybe there is an easier way to dismantle the filter proper, though some seem to do so on their own even while in service!

I was impressed by how well this WIX filter seems to be built.
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I see Iron

I tested the flecks with one of my trusty NdFeB magnets- no iron. They do crush easily into dust- graphite.
Running dino is THE secret to getting RX to work properly and my friend Ron in Melbourne agrees. We have done a lot of tersting. Definitely no ester content in the oil, and I believe no PAO is also a given. My 2c fwiw.
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I agree with the dino as best for both cleaning and rinse phases.
What had you used on the prior cleanings?

I had M1 5W-30 in the first treatment phase with dino in the rinse, and AMSOIL ASL in the second treatment phase with dino for rinse. I might add these also had the earlier recommendations for mileage and dosage (two oz./quart).

Additionally, the ARX may have had to expend some of its chemistry on grabbing any residual LC20 although I stopped the LC20 about 1500 miles before adding the ARX. This time around was straight dino and a full bottle, as well as (uh-oh) going 3500 miles on the treatment phase.


UPDATE: after running 3,835 miles on the rinse-phase oil I changed it out and cut the filter open. Here's what it looks like, admittedly I expected more but since this is the third ARX treatment in about 50,000 miles and running LC20 regularly there probably isn't much left for the Auto-Rx to grab. Not an awful lot of those flecky carbonaceous bits here but there's a few.

Funny thing, too- it appears to me the treatment-phase filter may have been dirtier!

If/when I feel up to it I'll tear some of the pleats out of this one and get a closer look.
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