Mower leaves clumps

Oct 15, 2002
Fort Worth, TX
Higher engine rpm, slower walking speed AND cutting less than a full swath Then cross-cut. 45-degree angle. Full swath and adjust rpm & walk speed. The second cut is the finish cut. Should be no layover of grass, much less what's noted in complaint. Depending on grass type, mowing is every 3-5 days. Not 7 or 8. NEVER remove more than one-third of grass blade. ALWAYS cut a different direction each time. With the Bermuda and St Augustine lawns I had, the major work was weekend. Edge, trim, etc. On a Tuesday or Wednesday I ran the only the mower across. It's less work to do it right. My lawn equipment lasted twenty years used this way 30-weeks per year. Once weekly mowing (vacuuming) another twenty. Maybe two weeks per year unused. Lay out the lawn so that you NEVER reverse the mower. Make corners into bends. Get it AWAY from house, fence and plantings. Use thick mulch for borders (up to a foot deep except against trees). Have a plan. First year is work. Not after. .
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