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Jul 16, 2011
Hello all, I just purchased a 2007 Honda Accord with the 2.4L engine, and 50k miles. All signs seem to suggest that it was a properly maintained vehicle, but I don't have any maintenance records to prove it. As such, I'd like to use an oil that will clean up anything that might exist. I have been using Motorcraft Synthetic Blend 5w-20 for my Ford Escape, and I'm pleased with it. The weather stays cold here for several months, and I like the cold start properties that a synthetic provides. The Motorcraft also seems to be an outstanding value. One thing I haven't found too much information on is the cleansing ability of the oil. Pennzoil products seem to have an outstanding reputation for detergency, and I wondered if anyone could speak to how the MC compares? Thanks for any input!
Conoco Phillips developed this oil with ford engineers. I have used it in 2 hondas as well as my daughters Mazda calling for a 5w-20 oil. Use it with confidence. FWIW--Oldtommy
Just drive it and be conservative about your OCI (don't go beyond what the car manufacturer recommends). If your engine has been properly maintained to begin with, you shouldn't have to worry about cleanliness (oil is good enough to keep itself clean, amongst other things). Q.
Thanks to everyone who has responded. I know this will make me unpopular around here, but I always change my oil at the 3000 mile mark. I suppose a big part of the reason is that I simply enjoy changing my oil! I was hoping someone might be able to discuss the actual characteristics of the MC oil, even if it's personal experience. Thanks again!
It seems to clean pretty well. I did a quick search, but couldn't find the thread. I did a valve adjustment on a friend's CR-V @ 60K (K24) and posted pictures. There was some heavy varnish; lots of 1 mile trips, 8-13K miles on bulk dino... I ran 4 runs of MC5W20 for 3K (6K on filter), and it looked way better. The shot through the fill hole shows some good clean-up, and the dipstick varnish (which was heavy) is gone. I have PP in there now, but only because I got it much cheaper than the MC--otherwise, I'd have stuck with it. That said, 3K really is unnecessary unless you're short-tripping like crazy.
I use to run the Motorcraft 5/20 in my Mustang. I made the switch over to PP 5/30 and it drains a lot dirtier the the Motorcraft ever did. It's cleaning abilities made me a believer. Yeah it's a few dollars more but well worth it IMHO. BTW I was doing 5k OCIs with both oils right on the money.
Thanks for the replies. To be honest, I expected there would be more people with good things to say about the MC Synthetic Blend, but it seems like Pennzoil may be the way to go. Perhaps cleaning is just not the strong suit for the MC?
motorcraft is good oil (conoco Phillips) but lately they are pricing themselves out of the oil business.. like i said before any api sn is great oil there a best oil? i dont think so
My 2001 Honda CRV ran great on PP. The last time I did the valves at 110K miles the inside was clean as a whistle. Just sold it last year at 120K miles and it was running like a new vehicle... Honda's 4 bangers just seem to like running on PP.
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use what ever brand is cheaper and has sale going smile For heavy varnish add Kreen(if you want it gone quick and almost all of it)
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