More Amsoil Black Gear Oil

I'm gonna do some flushes to see if it clears up. I was told it is probably just the crud that was in the axle tubes.


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I'm gonna do some flushes to see if it clears up. I was told it is probably just the crud that was in the axle tubes.
I posted about that before. If you want to make sure it's clean, get yourself a quart of differential cleanet from High Performance Luunricants and mix it at a 1 to 5 ratio with any gear oil (17%). It's gear oil made entirely with Estef base, meant to clean dirty differentials. Run it for a couple thousand miles and it will loosen everything in there that's dirt/debris.
The burnt oil from your previous diff is sticky, and there isn't much that will break it loose, and mechanics don't kill themselves cleaning up.
Well, I got some much better news. After 500 miles I did a drain and fill and it is looking way better. I believe another drain and fill will
produce the results I am desiring. As the fluid drained out it looked perfectly clear but in the container it had a gray hue.

What I drained in a glass pint jar was clear enough to see the bottom of the jar with the jar 1/2 full. My heartburn and HBP are

As I discussed this with "my" mechanic, the one who replaced the seals and bearings and axle stuff, he said he only
added one qt of SVG to fill it up after he had finished. He said I told him I had just changed the fluid about 1000k miles
ago and he knew how expensive that SVG was. And, he still had my other 2 qts I had brought him.

It's easier to solve the puzzle when you have all the pieces, ha! Molakule was pretty sure what was going on was just
a cleaning out of the old residue. Several of you suggested the same thing. Apparently, you all were right! HP had never shipped
that cleaner and Mary Jane was kind enough to cancel that order for me this morning. Excellent customer service. Might
just have to give their products a try.
Not cleaning the parts is a serious poor quality ding in my opinion.
IF that is the case. Time will tell if it was a lack of cleaning or if another part is failing... The black is gone. I just finished my 4th flush yesterday.

Still have a few pieces on the magnet. Not feeling real good right now. I'm not sure that is residue. I "religiously" clean my magnet every time. I completely blow it off so the magnet is spotless when I replace it.



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@Gebo - did you run the @High Performance Lubricants Differential Life Cleaner in your diff?
No. Just drain and fills. Fluid looks good. Just those little shiny chunks.

I earlier posted I ordered some and it didn’t ship for a few days and I noticed my fluid was clearing up. I just canceled my order. Yesterday when I drained it the gear oil had totally “cleared” up.