Monroe "S" Quick-Struts 2014 Chrysler Town & Country minivan

Aug 19, 2010
Champlain/Hudson Valley
EVENT: Clean installation of title parts into a neighbor's vehicle.
RESEARCH: A Chrysler mini van boardmember told me Monroe offers an "S" designation -higher quality- line of parts.
WARNINGS: Other boardmembers urged me to "buy better" and swap springs, seats and bearings to plain struts. I am with that but it was my neighbor's call and he wanted Quick-Struts.
FIT: Perfect. Also, the stampings matched OE so I could line up the new strut with the dirt contour left on the spindle. A "driveway alignment".
FEEL: Neighbor approved! I've never driven his vehicle so I have no opinion.

BACKGROUND: Neighbor's left strut was leaking. He figured the other one couldn't be far behind. He even told me a mechanic (unknown to me) offered to replace the one leaking strut.
Another boardmember insisted that there was life left in 2014 struts w/120K miles. Must've been a die-hard Mopar fanboy.
Seriously, I wanted to ask how much life he felt would be in a leaking strut, but I just hid behind common sense -the leak- and that my neighbor just wanted a strut replacement.
The best part being the news of a "better line" from Monroe -a name I associate with common consumer products. I admit I don't know.

RANG A BELL: 19 months ago when I bought my Ranger the O.O. told me he had the shocks replaced with "the better Monroes". I had no clue.
As I familiarized myself with the truck I learned that the FX4 models were higher and that superior Bilstein monotubes were used on the Level 2 version. I assumed the Bilsteins were used ONLY in the Level 2 and that other longer shocks were used in my Off-Road.

QUESTION: Does anybody know anything about this "S" line within Monroe? Is it a better quality line?
As a member of that same board, I happily put the same quick struts on my 14 T&C and never looked back. They are performing greatly.
My strut had a broken spring and I had no choice but to replace with Quickstruts at the time. Your neighbor made a good choice.