Molasoak Ingredients?

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Jun 24, 2003
Palatine, IL
I have searched, but can only find references to Molasoak, but can't find anything with the actual ingredients. Does anyone know the exact ingredients? Is it just LC20, or LC20 & Nuetra?
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If you just mean piston soak, I use 2-C or MMO for the oil and solvents like Gumout, Berryman's or Seafoam. Mix that together and pour it in. Just no silicones or chlorinated parafins.
From the link:


MolaSoak is LUBE CONTROL LC-20 (engine oil additive) and SCHAEFFER'S Neutra .

The original posting is back in late '02 or early '03. I have posted on MolaSoak several times (used it successfully).
search molasoke not molasoak and look for posts made by molakule. He explains the molasoke process a few times as LC sprayed into the sparkplug holes then rotating the engine back and forth slightly to work the LC around.

quote:Originally posted by MolaKule:

"... The "MOLASOKE" for pistons and rings involves removing the sparkplugs and pouring in about 2-3 oz. of LC into each cylinder and letting it soak for at least an hour.

Then take a 1/2" or 3/4" drive ratchet wrench with the proper socket and turn your crankshaft 1 revolution very slowly. Do NOT use the starter to turn crankshaft.

Let soak some more overnight and then shine a light into the cylinders to make sure the LC has run past the rings or you may have hydrolock. Replace plugs and start engine outside. "
Wow, that's an old post.
Brings back memories.

The only reason I recommended hand cranking was the first time I ever did this, I must have poured like 6 ounces into each cylinder, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then cranked it with the starter.

The LC pumped all over my fenders and the hood.
What a mess.

This was with an '87 355 V8 in a Suburban.

The two important items are to let it soak at least an hour (preferably overnight) before cranking, and then make sure the LC has soaked past the rings before replugging.

And oh yes, I recommend you change the oil after you do this.
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