Mola's Brew

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May 8, 2003
Rome, Ga
I have searched this forum and could not find the thread that gives the details of Mola's Brew. Help please???
I believe that he has a few but the one for the Schaeffers #132 and Lubecontrol is
3 parts #132 to 1 part LC. Add 8 ounces of this at the time of oil change. After that every 1000-1500 miles add 1 ounce of LC until the next oil change.
This was primarily for the lighter Mobil 1 10W30 oil I believe but can be used with others. I use it with Amsoil 10W30 and 0W30 and it appears to increase the viscosity slightly (Amsoil is a higher 30W to begin with) to very high 30W or low 40W by the oil change time. It also has produced great wear numbers for me on the 4 engines I now have it in.

The #132 should probably not be used with Schaeffers products as they already have the moly etc. but I honestly am not sure about that one.
Spector, If I remember correctly the 132 also has good amounts of antimony which I think Mola said was good for something or other.
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