Modern Substitute for Chrysler 2084329 P/S Fluid

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Nov 22, 2011
Washington, USA
The factory workshop manual and the Owner's Manual for my car, a 1975 Jensen Interceptor (Chrysler 440 driveline) with a Federal 1.06 power steering pump, say that "Chrysler Fluid Part Number 2084329 or Veedol ATF Special 3433" power steering fluid must be used in my power steering system. The 1975 Mopar Chassis Service Manual also specifically says NOT to use ATF. Does anyone know what the modern equivalent of Chrysler 2084329 P/S fluid is? I've read that Mopar MS5931 power steering fluid is for all pre-98 Chrysler cars, but don't know if that means it is a good substitute for 2084329 PSF. Must be some out there who have had to deal with this issue too? Thanks, Wil
Found some for you on eBay: Just kidding. The Mopar lubricants catalog I have indicates MS-5931 really is for all old Chryslers. Unfortunately it looks like they only sell it in pints (04883077). The GM stuff is probably the same thing, but it can be purchased in quarts. The spec sheet for the GM stuff from ExxonMobil Canada says it's "recommended" for MS-5931 applications. Interesting car, by the way.
Well, I'm trying to remember what I used in my '73 Chrysler New Port Custom P/S unit...I sold this car in 1989-90 so, I believe I used something along the lines of...any parts store brand or Prestone or Valvoline/PYROL Power Steering Fluid for GM, Ford, Chrysler vehicles. I am currently using Bardahl/HONDA P/S Fluid in the system of my '80 Firebird FORMULA(stock system) for ~ 20 yrs. Works fine! I realize that in these older Firebirds...Pre-'75 required ATF, Post-'75 required P/S fluid. But, I've had a few Mopars in the past smile To be quite honest with ya; and I could be terrably wrong here but, I feel that just about any P/S fluid that even mentions the CHRYSLER name on the bottle, will be just fine for that system!
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