95 Ram 2500 Power Steering Fluid, Chrysler MS5931? Or...

Oct 17, 2007
My new to me 95 Ram 2500 diesel, non hydro boosted brakes, has some reddish/brownish color fluid in the PS reservoir. Who knows what is in there but it doesn't steer great. Could be just because its a Dodge and their steering is not great. Chrysler MS5931 is what was recommended back in the day.

Should i go buy that fluid or flush it out with an ATF in my stash, i have:

M1 Dexron HP
Allison TE-297

It seems some people have had problems putting ATF in the system while many others have ran it without issue. Many people run the Chrysler MS5931 or other plain power steering fluids.

I haven't even owned a power steering vehicle for a few years so i'm out of the loop.
I don’t think my fsm says anything but Mopar PSF. I used some from Napa and mine has been perfect.
I’ve never had an issue using ATF in the PS system of any Chrysler product.