Mobil1 T&SUV Availability?

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The shelves of Wal-Mart are bare of Mobil oils here in NC too. None of the EP products were available in any grade and only 2 5-gal jugs of M1 10W30 available. It is strange isn't it?
Auto Zones in Massachusetts don't carry it any time, neither does Pep Boys. Yes the Mobil display area had lots of shelf surface showing compared to eveyone else.
The Wal-Mart's here seem to be baron as well. I just picked up some M1 5w-40 T&S at Pep Boys using my old "buy 3 get 3" coupons expiring in Dec. I found it at 2 of the Pep boys I went to here in Arizona. They seemed to be fairly well stocked.
Bare sheleves in South Dakota wallymarts with a sign up saying a packaging plant was damaged in the hurricane. Checkers is the only other place that has it and they think it's worth $5.99/quart.

Rotella T syn is all snatched up too except for the quart bottles.
I was just at WM on Friday. There wasn't much except T&SUV in the 5 quart jug section ..and not much of that. Everything is usually 4 or 5 deep. There were many empty and several with one or two jugs. I just assumed that they hadn't restocked it yet. It may be a longer term thing. I didn't really pay too much attention to the quarts ..but I don't recall any real voids in the display.
Ive been to a number of wal-marts in DE, PA, MD and NC.

A few of them have 5qt 10w-30 jugs... that is the only one that is commonly available in a 5qt jug - and there are very few of those on the shelves.

One of the stores had some 5qt jugs of 5w-30... a rarity.

Forget about T&SUV 5w-40... I havent sen that in weeks in 5qt or 1qt jugs.

the EP line seems to be a slow seller in most every store. there are 5 and 1qt containers available.

in 1qt jugs of standard M1, only 10w-30 and 0w-40 are readily available...

It stinks bigtime!

Hmm ..if we didn't have our own strategic oil reserves ..what would we do
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