Mobil Drive Clean Plus 5w30 NV ????

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You bet !

It would make for a nice choice for a Ford modular oil IMO . Similar in spec to the new light vi Euro Ford Specific oils offered by Motul , ELF , Motorex ect .

Guard that warranty though
I heard Ford was getting tough on this but I can't quantify it as fact .
I ran drive clean blend in two different vechiles and was disaponted. Neith vechile had ever used a drop of oil between oil changes. One vechile was a year old the other was 13 or so year old. In both cases they consumed more then a quart a weeek about 1 quart ever 3-4 days with drive clean blend. When I got rid of drive clean blend and went back to M1 both trucks quite burning oil and nither ever did burn oil ever again.n This was in late 2001 early 2002. One truck was a Toyota the other was a Dodge.

I have not tried the Drive Clean BLend Plus! I think that for $2.42 cents a quart you can do better. FOr $3 a quart you can have Schaffers for $3.88 a quart you can buy M1 at Sams Club for $3 a quart you can buy Rotella-T Synthetic at Walmart, for less then $2 a quart you can get Delvac 1300 or Delo 400.

P.S. If you do use the DC+ would you run a UOA so we can see how it performed? I hope you have nothing but good luck with it as well!
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