Mobil 1 vs. Mobil Synthetic

It's a lower tier offering to compete with Pennzoil FS. How the actual oil is different I don't know if anyone will know for sure, but it's likely cheaper base oil(s) and an "inferior" ad pack. It doesn't have the same recommended mileage rating as M1.

FWIW for a 5-6k interval I would use it without a second thought.
I asked something similar a few months back when comparing Pennzoil Full Synthetic vs PP and PUP. Guess we’ll never really know, I’m sure a lot of it is marketing to get you to buy the higher tiered oil. But could also be a cheaper base oil and additive pack. Biggest difference I saw when comparing the Mobil Synthetic vs Mobil One is that the Mobile Synthetic is rated for 7,500 miles and Mobile One is rated for 10,000 miles. I usually change my oil every 4-5k anyway so I just roll with whatever is cheapest at the time of purchase.
...and the 5W-30 Mobil Full Synthetic is Gen 3 licensed Dexos...

Mobil Super Synthetic is Dexos 1 Gen 3 licensed as well...I believe both of these oils are more price leaders than Mobil 1 but it is hard (for me at least) to keep up with Mobil oils and what's better beyond marketing other than the licensing found on their website...

Good luck with your choice

Thanks for all the replies. So it seems that it depends on how often the oil is changed. Makes sense.
I've always changed it at 6k intervals. It was hard for me to go that long, being an old fart that started changing at 3k in the 70's.
Remember when they said change the filter every other OC? I was never able to do that. Engines in the 70's were lucky to last 100,000 miles. I wasn't going to put old oil and filter together with new oil. But, I digress...