Mobil 1 spec sheets

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Nope same problem.

Mobil used to post the MRV and CCS values, which is what I commented on another thread about cold temp use.

Although Mobil still has the CCS/MRV data for Delvac 1200/1300, they even removed that data for Delvac 1.
I understand. I thought you guys were saying that the sheets were missing entirely, not that vital data was missing.

I guess they prefer to put their flashy site up like this with less info, figuring most people who visit that section don't understand all of the data anyways.

Since BITOG does have a few oil company "bigwigs" that lurk, maybe if they're reading this they'll reconsider and give us all the data we crave?
Hopefully Buster is right in this, and it's a temporary omission until the M1-R and M1 5w-40 sheets are up. But that doesn't make sense why ALL of the products have this crucial data missing.

Mobil 1 used to be so good about listing up-to-date cold temperature specs but no HTHS and no NOACK. Now they've given us HTHS but left out CCS and MRV data! I complained to Mobil 1 about the missing cold tempertature specs in an email, and they responded that I should phone them for the specs.
Just checked my oil... down about 2L (in 5k). My car eats this M1 crap, I gotta switch.

Where can I find the specs on GC?

Sorry, but what is GC ?

GC= German Castrol Syntec 0W-30. Make sure that it says "made in Germany" on label on the back side. The GC 0W-30 is rated ACEA A3/B3/B4. There is still some of the old North American made Castrol Syntec 0W-30 that is only rated ACEA A1 and as such is not suitable for long oil change intervals so read the label before purchasing.
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