Mobil 1 0w-30 Racing oil

Thoughts on an older flat tappet V6 cammed to make 1 HP/CID ?

I've abandoned Redline waterwetter for:

Mobil1 race oils are very good. And, you can mix the if you want, dilute them, or use them as snake-oil additives.

I'd gather some UOA data after some races to see if the oil is showing any failure points.

OIl temps/PSI should be monitored. You can adapt your viscosity and oil cooling as needed.

What filter, or remote filter are you using?
Serious question here, why would anyone run a 0w-Anything in a race engine? The engine will literally never be used in conditions that could require a 0 winter rating, but yet every 0w oil is compromised by having to use thinner base oils and VIIs. I don’t see any benefit to this approach, but plenty of opportunities to use a more robust oil?