milky residue on oil cap.

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Apr 28, 2011
missouri usa
So I checked and topped off my oil today and noticed there was some milky residue on the oil cap not a lot but some. The antifreeze is full and the residue didn't taste sweet like antifreeze just oily. Im thinking maybe its just moisture but why? Anyone have any ideas? It's on my 98 Saturn sl2 thanks guys
I agree with SLCraig. I've seen it on every vehicle I've owned/serviced, except my current Subie (maybe the daily WOT romps take care of it, even if my driving style is usually relatively reserved.)
Make sure you have the correct temperature thermostat. If you have a colder than OEM thermostat, you will see that residue all winter. Also as mentioned, a drive for a decent amount of time should remove it provided you got the right stat in it.
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the residue didn't taste sweet like antifreeze just oily.
Don't ever taste a fluid that comes out of your vehicle!
Now you are a true BITOG'er You tasted the residue. I used to see it alot on the v-6 dodge engines when I worked at the lube shop. And my old truck had it once. I got rid of the problem by wiping any visable goo up changing the oil, pcv valve and most importantly making sure it was warmed up a bit more in the winter. It never happened again. I do agree with checking the t-stat. My truck has a real aftermarket temp gauge so I know exactly what mine is doing but if you have the idiot gauge then you might not know. For a crazy example the oil pressure gauge in my truck read the middle range all the time about 2 seconds after it started. But when I put my aftermarket OP gauge in it still took about 2 seconds to move but its at 50psi cold at idle and 22 psi at warm idle and it goes up to bypass with about 2800 rpm when warm. So I found out my stock oil pressure gauge was not at all accurate with differences in pressure. OOpps the post above me was not there when i posted but yeah very good advice.
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O come on a little oil never hurt anyone. And Its not like I licked the oil cap just a dab off my finger. Puts hair on your chest!! smile its the only way I know to tell if its coolant or not. The coolant tastes better I do know that outfits worse for you. smile I have a 185 Thermostat just changed it but apparently a lot of people have trouble with anything below 195 in a saturn
Im sure a little oil never hurt anyone but those animals from the back of the bottle are messed up now. It would be pretty funny to see someone take a big lick off the bottom of an oil cap. Did anyone see you take a oral sample of that stuff? Ha ha I just realized that 38257 members could find out you stuck that crud in your mouth. Just giving you a hard time. My dad used to say the same phrase "puts hair on your chest" usually after I got one of these spank or other things I didnt want to have anything to do with ie. cauliflower, homework.
Hahaha o yea. My grandpa used to say that all the time that's where i got It. Along with other interesting phrases. I did it in a Walmart parking lot so I'm sure some people saw it. My fiance saw me and my son . Hes 16 months and outs every thing in his mouth .... Guess we know where he gets it from smile
iam afraid i have to say this again. TO: abycat on manual oil pressure gauges. do NOT use nylon tubing, hose, copper tubing. use only steel break line tubing . think about it the factorys use steel tubing, for a reason. thats the short story. i have seen people think copper will work on a trans collant, NOT. trust me. STEEL ONLY
It's normal. Our cars do it much more in cold weather, especially the Beetle. The first time I saw it I was very worried, but it turned out everything was fine.
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Yea I've never seen it on my Saturn until today.
It could be possible that the PCV itself is failing or the grommet sealing it, or even possibly the oil fill cap gasket is failing, or related things like that.
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It's that time of year again... It's normal. Some models do it, some don't. Mine sure does. It clears up with a long drive.
5 month its very little infer just a slight trace . I just replaced pcv valve but maybe it ain't sealing great i, I thought it was or maybe the oil cap. I had to remember but my buddies ol Ford did it to but a lot worse.
A lot of vehicles do it when it gets to this time of year. Our Expedition does it if it is short tripped. It is nothing to be concerned about.
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