Melling water pump

Dec 6, 2019
Not once did I ever say I don’t like Melling nor did I infer it either. Another thing you misread perhaps? You are free to write it off as that but it’s not what I said.
So you just like to have a different opinion then. I do misread. A lot. But we do have the freedom of free speech. Roll on hoss.
Oct 3, 2008
Melling has no issues outsourcing China made parts, I bought a timing chain tensioner and sprockets from them, it was made in China and not even close the the machine work on the original made in Germany original, they were returned and replaced with German OE. Some other examples, I would put money on some if not all of their water pumps being Chinese. They may make an LS pump in the US as those engines are a good part of their core business. Not knocking the company but what was is not necessarily what is.

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When I was rebuilding the engine on the Mitsubishi, I had a look at Melling for the hydraulic lash adjusters and found out they were made in the the U.S. So I went ahead and bought all 12, only to find out I got 6 made in the U.S. and 6 made in China. The U.S. made ones were slightly heavier, so I kept those but ended up getting a set of 12 OE Mitsubishi ones for the rebuild.