Meguires Ultimate Quick Detailer

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Aug 5, 2004
Back in Arizona. Finally
I saw a video of this product and it looked pretty good so I gave it a shot.

It is your typical thin (liquid) detail spray. Goes on easy and wipes off clean. Pretty good shine.

In the video, the product repeals water with amazing efficiency. I am here to report they're not kidding!

I used it on my black '08 Tahoe after a wash job and then took the car on vacation from Houston to Bisbee, Az. Along the way we encoutered everything from frost to blowing dust to torrential rains. I washed the car while in Bisbee and couldn't believe the sheeting action.

The trip home was mostly in typical Texas sloppy rains with about 3 solid hours of driving in hurricane grade downpours.

The car didn't even look like it needed a post trip cleanup. I really poured the carwash concentrate into the job however, mostly because I wanted really clean undercarriage - wheels, tires and fenderliners.

Here we go again, the water just sheets right off! I'm amazed! So I plan on seeing how well this stuff holds up to black paint duty in Houston. So far Meguire's is batting 1000!

Now I'm also durability testing Collinite products on my other cars, but I care a great deal about them - they'll always have a proper wax on them, but the Tahoe, well he's expendible; I absolutely hate having to care for a vehicle that takes 3 times as long as the others to look good. If this Meguires Ultimate Quick Detailer stays beading water for any lenghth of time, he's seen his last wax job.

I'll keep in touch on how durable it really is.

That's a great product! I only wax our vehicles 2-3x a year with ultimate quick detailer rightafter carwash atleast once a week. It keeps our vehicles shiny and wax last longer, tough on bird [censored] too.
I've used Meguires Ultimate Quick Detailer for about a year or so now. I had the same good experiences with it too. Much easier to maintain the wax job by extending the gloss, protecting the wax(?) and giving the vehicle's finish a quick clean up. One of the few products that matches the marketing hype.
I have a bottle and use it for light dust and bird bombs.

You should try their Ultimate Quick Wax after a wash and dry routine. Smells great, is just as easy to apply and leaves a really slick finish. If you thought the water beaded and sheeted off with the UQD, wait till you try the UQW. Is great on the whole exterior of car. Paint, glass, trim...
I love Meguiar's UQD! I've been using it for a little over a year now and it definitely makes the black paint on my Corvette shine just a little bit better. If I don't get caught in the rain, I don't bother washing my Corvette, I just use a California Duster followed up by UQD on my paint every day or two. In fact I haven't washed my car since March 9th but thanks to UQD the paint looks fantastic!
Eh, UQD only comes in the small bottles. I bought the M135 gallon size of it!

Really great stuff indeed, and goes very well with the new UQW.
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