Meguiars #21 or Ultimate Wax

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I use Meguiars 21 and this will be the 3rd time in 3 years i use it on my Volvo, I like it because its very easy to manually apply and wipe off.
I cant give a good answer for how long it last because i dont have so much to compare with, It depends also on how often you wash your car and what chemicals you use then.
Im satisfied with Meguiars 21 and will continue use it.
Cant coment on 21, but I like the Ultimate. If you are doing by hand do the paste as it has been easier to wipe/buff off for me. Looks great on light or dark with good longevity.
From the description it seems M21 2.0 is the professional version of Ultimate Wax. Just like The M105/205 combo is the professional version of Ultimate Compound and Ultimate Polish.

With that said, the big difference is that Meguiar's Ultimate line is designed to be more user friendly than their professional line. So that would be my assumption.

I'd say get Ultimate Wax as its performance is already very excellent and in terms of usability, even applying it in the sun is feasible. IT also lasts decently long but I would wager M21 2.0 will last a tad longer.
I just used the Ultimate Wax this last weekend on my truck thanks to recommendations I have read on here. Obviously I cant say anything about durability yet but it does go on easy and wipe off easy which I certainly like. It also gave the truck a decent shine so if the durability is there, then this is the wax I will use from now on.
#21, hands down.

I detailed my 2014 Altima last October using a PC 7424XP DA orbital buffer. I used Pinnacle's Advanced Finishing Polish before using the M-21.

Both the final result and durability were great. It was still beading nicely and looked good when I detailed it again in late May.

According to a couple of professional detailing shops in this area, Meguiar improved their formulation of #21 earlier this year. In what way I'm uncertain but I like that product and will continue to use it.

Your mileage may vary depending upon several variables, including prep work and how you choose to apply it, i.e., by hand or DA.
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If you have tried either of these which do you like and why?

Also as far as durability how long does it last?

I picked up some Ultimate Wax a couple years ago on clearance. It held up for a little over a month in mid-summer mid-Atlantic conditions. It's OK, but nowhere in the same league as the Collinite products for durability.

If considering Ultimate Wax, I'd spend the extra couple dollars for a bottle of 845 if liquid is your thing.
M21 is the pro version of NXT, right from meguiars mouth. With the right prep, ultimate will rival collinite for durability. It looks a little better than collinite, in my opinion. Maintain it with Meg's ultimate quick wax and you're golden.

Per meguiars, ultimate will last longer than M21.
Everyone's definition of "lasting" or "beading nicely" is going to vary, but here's my take...

If you are looking for more than a few months of strong protection, then you should be looking at a paint coating and not a sealant.
I recently put Ultimate Liquid Wax on the Civic. This isn't the best pic, but you can see how it looks on the paint here. Silver is one of the hardest colors to get a mirror finish on. It has a mirror finish with the Meguiar's Ultimate! It looks really good in person.

Any of the shaded areas of the car look like a mirror! Look under the spoiler on the trunk lid. You can see the trees! In the shade, the car almost looks is a crazy mirror finish!
Ultimate wax.
My reasons: 1. Can put it on plastic, glass, trim.... Leaves no white residue!

2. Put it on the daily driver last July and it was still beading up very well when I reapplied it today. That was one year ago and the car sits outside all day and night every day of the year. Car gets about 30,000 miles a year. I put it on thick with a DA electric polisher and take it off with the same then a final wipe down with a microfiber towel to get the cracks and hard to get to stuff. One bottle done the mustang twice, focus twice and crew cab F150 once.

Can the # 21 be applied to trim?
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