Mazda 0W-20 what do we know about it?

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May 5, 2008
I picked up some of this oil while at the dealer. I have seen lots of posts about the Toyota and Subaru 0W-20s, but not much about the Mazda flavor. Bottle says it is manufactured by Idemitsu in the US. Is this the same stuff as Toyota or Subaru?
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Is it also API SM? If its what I got its goooood stuff in the real world.
Not sure if it's SM or SN---
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Same stuff as the Subaru 0W-20 and Cdn Honda/Acura 0W-20 but not the same as the Toyota 0W-20 which is made by XOM although the formulations are similar. BTW, what other Mazda Brand oil grades are there? Is there a 5W-20 and 5W-30 that are also made by Idemitsu? Just curious.
Cat, have you seen any Subaru SM 0w-20 VOA or UOA? I am not expecting the high moly load (800-10,000ppm) of the original Honda JDM/OE fill formulation.
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Mazda has a 5w20 and a 5w30. We keep them all in stock for warranty purposes, but the 0w20 especially since it is much cheaper than buying it from outside sources.
Thanks bdcardinal, and I can see the the bottle shape is slightly different to the bottle Idemitsu uses. So far the only confirmed Idemitsu made 5W-30 is for Subaru and Acura Canada.
Is there a difference between Motorcraft and Mazda 5w20? Some Mazdas use Ford engines. Is it possible that Ford recommends Motorcraft oil in a Ford engine while Mazda recommends Mazda oil in the same engine?
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Is it possible that Ford recommends Motorcraft oil in a Ford engine while Mazda recommends Mazda oil in the same engine?
Sure they do. Every Mazda says :Mazda recommends Mazda Genuine oil" and every Ford says "Ford Motor Company recommends Motorcraft" It is a little different for us since we are both a Ford/Lincoln and a Mazda dealer. We have twice the chemicals to stock. Even when we know they are the same, we have to bill them out correct for the application and make for warranty purposes.
The Idemitsu made Cdn Honda/Acura 0W-20 bottle doesn't have the API donut either, but in the literature on the back of the bottle it says "exceed API SM/SL performance and ILSAC GF-4." Does not the Mazda 0W-20 bottle state something similar? BTW the Idemitsu made Cdn Acura 5W-30 does have the API donut as does the Toyota 0W-20 bottle.
A few weeks back I was at Home Depot and ran across some Acura tech's in which I asked them, Who makes the 0W-20 for Honda/Acura? Their reply was Mobil. Tonight, I stop by a Honda dealership and ask about their 0W-20. The parts guy brings out the bottle in the image below. It is a synthetic blend made by Conoco-Phillips as stated on the MSDS. At the time I did not realize it was a syn blend. Might have to go back tomorrow and find out if they have a full synthetic.
It would seem that the Mazda 5w20/30 are a premium conventional as per the wording "Super premium". Not even a synthetic blend! WT...?
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